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We are dedicated to promoting organizations that want to create positive changes in their neighborhoods and in society.

Director's Statement


I am Jason Tong, an independent filmmaker who wrote, directed, filmed, edited and produced Dreamed Vengeance.


As a native of San Francisco, I have met many people with diverse backgrounds. I recognized a large gap between the rich and poverty stricken lifestyles, so I began Dreamed Vengeance as a project that would address this social issue.


However, as I was in the midst of the project, international relations tensed and the threat of warfare increased dramatically. Suddenly people were talking about World War III and I realized that humanity was approaching the doorstep of destruction.


I turned to our ancestors for answers and found wisdom in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His famous speech against the Vietnam War was a powerful message that promoted peace and resource allocation to aid people in need. I believe that message still resonates with our world today.


Dreamed Vengeance depicts King’s inspiration and courage to speak on the Vietnam War. It is a film meant to inspire and give you hope. It’s message to the powerful elite is to remember the meek and downtrodden people they were meant to serve. It is not right to be fussing about luxuries and privileges while there are multitudes of people struggling to survive! Humanity needs to work in unity if we are to create a world fit for our future generations. War is the worst path for us to take.


I devoted five years and risked my life to create this work in the hopes that it will inspire you. I hope it will make your life better and encourage you to help save the world.


Thank you!



Our story begins with Martin (Marlon Daniel Cowart) waking up to prepare for a job interview with his friend, Monty (Marcus D. Spencer). They are unsuccessful in securing employment and return home to a distressed Sarah (Victoria Vann Kuja), who reveals that they are facing eviction from their apartment. They contact friends who provide them temporary shelter in their hotel suite. Martin and Sarah argue about their living situation, resulting in an accident that leaves him seriously injured and unconscious. He witnesses a vivid dream and reawakens as King in the modern world.


Martin discovers that Coretta has inhabited Sarah's body and the pair explore our world with fresh enthusiasm. Despite their poverty, they are very happy in our time and decide to get married. However, Sarah's mother holds racial prejudice and harshly condemns her for choosing Martin. The encounter traumatizes Coretta into a nightmarish coma and Martin agonizes through a spiritual struggle to rescue her.


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